Friday, April 25, 2014

Yoga vs. Yoshi

Since Monday of this week, I have started exercising again using good old Yourself!Fitness on the original X-Box - finally - and I am slowly starting to feel quite energized. Today, I learned that yoga poses make you look like you are seriously messed up and broken. Yoshi had been watching me exercise daily and today's focus was on "flexibility" which meant plenty of crazy yoga poses. Mid-way through them, I heard a whimper and I turned around to look at Yoshi: her ears were down and she was shaking in fear. I comforted her and told her that I was okay but it was obvious that she thought something was seriously wrong with me. I was sweating and moaning more than usual too, a good yoga session can do that to me, so I am sure they made things worse. My poor Yoshi. Oh well, at least she's in better condition than my fully aching body right now!

Yoshi probably thought that I was dead when I was holding that pose.

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