Monday, April 14, 2014

Motion Gaming: The Underestimation

I may not have an X-Box One and neither do I plan to ever getting the game but I must say that the recently released Kinect Sports Rivals does look like it is a lot fun and the graphics look pretty darn nice as well for what is a basic motion game. Watching that game being played on prompted me to get into Sports Champions 2 for the PlayStation 3 over the weekend and I had a blast playing that game. Tennis and bowling are both really fun with the PlayStation Move controller because of the combination of motion performance and button inputs. I haven't rebooted my daily exercising regiment yet ever since that shoulder injury with Wii Fit but I know that I need to do that very soon because since yesterday, my body has been aching like mad, especially my arms from all that bowling ball throwing and tennis racket swinging action.

Hitting those balls hard is so satisfying... until later.

It's easy to criticize motion games, sports-themed or otherwise, as something that is too light weight to have an impact on one's physical well being but the fact of the matter is, if one is not a gym rat or if one doesn't own that sexy hard bod, these little things can actually be quite beneficial and they need to be implemented more into one's gaming routine. All these current nasty aches tell me that I need to get into the program and start working out again because surely, I shouldn't be that impacted from two separate hour sessions with the game. Motion gaming may be a gimmick, but it has its place in our gaming lives.

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