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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Bad Special Edition: Grand Theft Auto IV

A day has passed since the release of Grand Theft Auto IV and I still haven't picked it up yet. The reason behind this is mainly the fact that I am very torn between the PlayStation 3 version and the X-Box 360 version - yes, there is a dark side of being a poly-gamist. After merticulously researching a number of comparison videos and descriptions, the PlayStation 3 version definitely looks better but the X-Box 360 version is getting downloadable contents in the future. The "Achievement" system on the 360 is not too big of a factor for me though I think at this point, Sony should start something similar on their console without waiting for the arrival of the ultimately misguided Home. One thing for sure, I will not be picking up the Special Edition of the game:

Rockstar may know how to make great games but their marketing team just plain sucks.

Do you not see how terrible this Special Edition package is? For additional $30, you get an art book, a soundtrack CD, a safety deposit box, and.... a Rockstar duffel bag. That's right. A duffel bag. So enticing... Not! The problem with this package is the following: It should now be mandatory to enable artwork to be viewed digitally in the game, perhaps as an unlock-able. The soundtrack should be easily accessible in the game's option screen. The safety box and the duffel bag just lack any creativity whatsoever. Ordering this from Amazon.com will also get you a license plate - I can't believe what Amazon included here is better than the other extras you get from this entire package. There should only be one edition of a game release and that one edition should be "special" in itself with a lot of additional contents. The current level of appreciation for video game as something more than a mere "toy" should encourage developers to include "the making of" feature on every single game so that the creative process can be properly honored... without stealing more of a gamer's hard-earned cash.

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