Friday, April 25, 2008

Review: SingStar '90s

Singstar '90s (2007)
Developer: SCEE London Studio
Platform: PlayStation 2
Purchase Date: 04/24/2008

If you read my American Idol Encore review, you probably know that I love to sing. This is the reason why I also own all of the games on the SingStar series. This latest edition provides 30 additional songs for you to mercilessly butcher, alone or with a bunch of friends. This sing-well-or-die gameplay mechanics is still as addicting as ever well beyond its original conception on the first Karaoke Revolution.

Why am I singing this song?

Speaking of KR, I do prefer that series more than SingStar because of one continuing problem that has yet been addressed by Sony: Here, the original artists sing along with you and they are not on a separate track that can be muted. You can increase the microphone volume but for the most part, this issue really takes some of the fun away especially if you have friends who like whispering instead of singing. The two things that still make this series worthwhile are the original music videos that accompany the songs unless you rather use the EyeToy (not compatible with the PlayStation Eye) and the ability to switch discs in-game (not possible when played on the PlayStation 3 - darn it).

The playback of a music video within a music video.

With so many songs to choose from within that era, it is unfortunate that '90s contains many lackluster track selections that include lame abominations such as Vanilla Ice's Ice Ice Baby and the hideous U Can't Touch This by MC Hammer. I wish they would include Lisa Loeb's Stay and Meredith Brooke's Bitch that can be found in the European release. 30 songs also seem to be a bit lacking than the normal 40 you get from an average KR title. Still, you would only improve your SingStar experience and lifetime by picking this one up. I just hope that they are going to allow these PlayStation 2 SingStar discs to interact with the inevitable PlayStation 3 version. Nothing of that sort is happening with the European release at the moment. I hope that will change very soon.

RATING: 3 out of 5

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