Thursday, April 24, 2008

Wii 'R Us

Isn't it ridiculous that the Nintendo Wii is still generally out of stock? Isn't it more ridiculous that people are still getting a modest chunk of cash selling the darn thing on eBay? Some of these eBay sellers are pretty filthy too, listing the console as being bundled with "5 free games" when technically, you get only 1 sports compilation game. Well, apparently the people at Toys 'R Us have been saving up their stock to celebrate the launch of the new Mario Kart Wii...

The electronic newsletter I received today claimed that they will be selling a huge number of the console this Sunday. The great thing is that Toys 'R Us are accepting a $200 deposit for those wanting to reserve it. The other nice thing here is that they are not selling it in a bundle. I am sure the eBay bloodsuckers are already racing to the nearest Toys 'R Us. Good luck, Wii hunters!

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