Friday, April 18, 2008

Censored Statham

What greater way to start off this site [Note: Movie-related articles used to be housed on] by defending actor Jason Statham's dignity. I wonder if anyone else realize that there is something funny lurking inside the recent flash advertisement for Uwe Boll's In the Name of the King: A Dungeon Siege Tale on the internet. Here's how it looks like at the end:

Off with his bald-ing head!

I haven't seen this film yet but since it is from disaster master Uwe Boll, I may not be watching it any time soon. Notice how they cut off the top of Jason Statham's bald-ing head in both the ad and the DVD case. Apparently, they must think that seeing a bald head equals less sales and less interest in the movie. Do they not know that this bald-ing head is Mr. Statham's trademark? If they wanted someone who actually has hair on top of their head, wouldn't they have chosen a different actor to be the star of the film? This prompted me to do a little investigation and I found two very funny posters for the movie:

US Poster

Region Unknown: Probably wherever bald people are seen as human beings.

Great Photoshop work on the first poster, filling the empty sections of Statham's scalp with virile hair. I really don't understand the sudden fear of his baldness when it comes to promoting the film. People should sue the movie then because there is no CGI hair on his head and that he is not wearing a toupee in the actual film. I am going to end this on a positive note: There is nothing wrong with Statham's bald look. He would have used Rogaine by now if it bothers him and he looks really good the way he is. Just look at his profile photo on and how cool he is portrayed without baldness censorship in the below US movie poster:

Macho bald-ing head. It's a great movie too!

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