Wednesday, April 23, 2008

3 Shocks

Last night was a night of pleasurable shocks for me. First of all, I finally braved myself to pick up Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock for the X-Box 360. I bought the game + wireless guitar combo and I cannot wait to rock it out on Live. I already browsed through the additional tracks that can be purchased online and I have my eyes set on the three No Doubt songs. The reason why I waited a while was to see if they would release a patch that would allow the PlayStation 3's wireless guitar to be used with the first and second game I own on the PlayStation 2. That doesn't seem to be happening so here I am.

A simple assembly is required.

I just love that glowing green X-Box light on the guitar!

While I was out, I also picked up the new Dualshock 3 controller for the PlayStation 3. This thing is expensive at $54.99 but I miss the rumble, especially when I am playing PlayStation 2 games on the system. Sony should be ashamed for ever calling the rumble feature as something last-gen and they knew even then how desperate they sounded. Rumble is more fun than the tilt even though you do get both here. The controller is a bit heavier than the Sixaxis and feels very sturdy in my hands. I tested it by playing Super Stardust HD and God of War II and the vibration came through strong and forceful. There is really nothing extraordinary here of course. It is just that we finally get the real controller for the console.

Rumble is here and boy it's expensive.

The last thing that happened last night was a total super shocker for me. I was listening to some music on my PlayStation 3 and I accidentally hit the controller that was sitting right next to me. Suddenly, the screen changed and I saw the following images:

What happened to my screen?

I didn't start the Folding@home program, did I?

The details of the console's March 13th version 2.17 update clearly stated the availability of "a new pattern... for the visual player." I kind of remember reading it before so it I must have totally forgotten to check it out after that update. The spinning globe is hardly responding to the actual music playing in the background but it looks cool nonetheless.

Suffice to say that last night was a great night for me. It's always fun being a gamer.

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