Tuesday, April 15, 2008

PS3 Software Update Version 2.30

I downloaded the big software update last night that provided the system with the newly redesigned PlayStation Store. The new look is definitely more user friendly and easy to navigate through. It has that X-Box 360 dashboard feel to it, which is great. Besides the needed revamped look and improved efficiency, the other important release that comes with this update is the long-awaited patch for Lair. With the free download, gamers will receive 2 new dragons to fly on and a new dual-analog control scheme. I almost picked up the game when it first came out because I love anything that remotely resembles Sega's Panzer Dragoon games. When I heard that you can only control the game exclusively via the motion of the Sixaxis, I became hesitant to pick it up. The game now interests me... The video game forums are still pretty quiet about the patch though, I was expecting the diehard defenders of this commercial disaster to be jumping up and down because of the improved control.

Clean new look.

The litte red shopping bag icon on the bottom right hand corner of an item means that you have already purchased it. A neat little feature.

When I completed the update, I purchased the "Solo" expansion pack for the great Super Stardust HD. Not sure if it's worth the $4.99, I think it should be cheaper because what you get is 4 additional single player modes that really should have been a part of the original game and additional soundtracks. All of these new gameplay additions should be self-explanatory if you look at the screen below except for my personal favorite, Bomber. In this mode, you have limited supply of bombs that can be replenished by destroying the bomb carriers that would show up at regular intervals. With 1 life, you can only use bombs to clear your way through an infinite number of meteors and enemies until you are destroyed. This is hectic, fun, and requires a nimble thumb and a strategic focus. The add-on also includes some new enemies and a super bomb. If you love the game, this is a must have but yes, the price sucks.

This screen used to be a little empty.

For more details regarding the update, you can visit the official system update website.

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