Thursday, March 31, 2016

Worst Game Trailer: Dark Souls III

We all should know at this point that From Software can release an endless number of Dark Souls games in rapid succession even and they all will sell like hot cakes because a majority of gamers already bought the "difficulty" hype. But apparently, somewhere along the distribution line, there are still people involved in the process who feel that the target audience still needs to be reminded that the upcoming Dark Souls III will be an awesome experience by releasing a trailer that pretty much shows a large number of the game's boss fights and it may even include a footage of possibly the final boss. The first time I saw the trailer was while browsing channels on - an ad would load before you can watch the broadcast - and I was thinking to myself, wow, do they really think they couldn't sell this game with just a subtle, simple trailer like how they marketed the previous two games? I am not going to dignify that trailer by linking it here but what were they thinking? It's bad enough that Bandai Namco had distributed early access to a limited portion of the game to celebs, which I find to be overreaching and stupid: If you are a true Dark Souls fan, why would you even watch the broadcast and get the early part of the game spoiled for you? The marketing department clearly doesn't understand what Dark Souls is all about based on that reveal all bosses trailer and reveal too much gameplay broadcast campaign. Very strange indeed because this whole series is built upon mystique and player discovery. If I was From Software, perhaps it's time to end the relationship with Bandai Namco and go solo so that they can keep their dignity and protect their artwork from further desecration.

The marketing department is staffed with twitch trolls apparently
who want to say, "Ha ha ha we are taking away your initial surprise
from encountering these bosses in the game! Sucks to be you!"

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