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Friday, April 22, 2016

Star Fox Zero: It Was a Remake?

Sometimes, avoiding exposure to a game that I look forward too can lead to amusing results. Take Star Fox Zero for the Wii U for example. I didn't really bother reading too much about the game after I have seen some footage of it in one of those Nintendo Direct videos. I remember thinking that things looked a little too familiar during the Corneria section but I thought it would be a given for such a landmark location to appear in the new game. Well, now that I have played the first two stages of the Zero, I come to realize that this game is merely a remake of the great Star Fox 64, only with occasionally better graphics and horrible, horrible controls. How could Nintendo and PlatinumGames get so unimaginative and most importantly, how could they not realize that mandating motion aiming using the Wii U Gamepad gyroscope is a bad, bad, BAD idea? I was hoping that this game could soothe some of that pain that I am experiencing in regards to the Wii U being abandoned too quickly by Nintendo and their next console/gimmick dream but things are looking rather grim. I would like to think that that this game will get better the more I play it but thus far, on top of the atrocious and disgusting controls, Zero actually manages to feel less epic than the original because they have replaced previously exciting sections into downright chore segments. What a disappointment.

This may end up being as bad as a typical Hollywood movie remake.


Update Note: 04/23/2016 - Played several more missions, oh my galaxy, this game is horrid. The motion control is impossible to love. Purposely limiting the scope and precision of the stick control to force players to use the gyroscope nonsense is beyond idiotic. They even made you use the gyroscope to turn left and right for some sections when the implementation of the right stick could have easily do the trick. It's like they were asking themselves, "How can we make Star Fox 64 much much more complicated?". You know when you ask a stupid question like that, you get horrible results. It hurts to say this but Star Fox Zero is easily one of the worst games I have ever played in my whole life. It's not only a disappointment, it is totally disgusting!


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