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Thursday, March 3, 2016

Zelda amiibos: No Sticks Up the Butts

As you may have known, I am more of a Skylanders dude than an amiibo lover. I find the former more valuable because of how they are implemented as full-fledged playable characters in the Skylanders games, complete with level-up progressions and awesome special abilities, on top of being rather cool looking figurines, especially for the later entries in the series. Because of their lackluster in-game implementation, amiibos to me ended up being nothing more than Nintendo memorabilia... Not that there's anything wrong with that but you know, I rather spend my cash on things that are more interactive. Still, that doesn't mean that I can't be impressed by these amiibos when they are done right, like these two from The Legend of Zelda series that I got today:

Ganondorf and Wolf Link. Just, wow.

The individual armor pieces that wrapped around Ganondorf's body are very detailed for such a small figurine and the folding effect of the cape on his back is quite convincing. And then we have the Wolf Link - a true amiibo revolution where Nintendo actually found a clever way to fit a much larger character on top of that tiny round base. This kind of out-of-the-box thinking really excites me to no end. Sure, this kind of clever base manipulation is like an everyday thing in the world of the Skylanders but on an amiibo? This is the first time it happened for sure. I am really excited now to see what Nintendo will think of next (no, not the NX) when it comes to their future amiibo designs.

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