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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

HotS: Getting Hotter

Recently, I named Heroes of the Storm as the best Multiplayer Online Battle Arena game thus far and placed it in my Top 10 Greatest Games of All Time, easily replacing League of Legends that came before it. Well, today Blizzard decided to bless the game with the number one thing that makes any and every MOBA even more enjoyable: The ability to disable allied chat! The awesome new hero Kael'thas may be hot but he got nothing compared to this feature!

All other MOBAs must follow or perish forever from the annals of gaming history!

When I played my first game today, a pop-up asked me if I wanted to disable allied chat and I was like "Oh my galaxy, what is this awesomeness?" This feature can also be adjusted from the social options menu. Those who are familiar with MOBA games would also be familiar with the kind of strangers they normally get matched with. There are just plenty of nasty people out there who exist with only one mission: to be rude and make other people miserable. Blizzy already did the game justice by not including all chat to begin with - nothing is worse than to read trash talk from the opposing team - but now, they have gone full circle by not allowing trash talk from within the team! Sure, HotS is a team game but unless you are playing with your friends which would result in voice chatting with them anyway instead of typing, pinging the map is the effective way to communicate with other players. Just like my approach while playing games like LoL or even Dota 2, I am very pro-active in muting people as soon as they show signs that they can be a dick - pardon my French but this is the most polite way to describe these people. It's not that hard to recognize those people after playing MOBAs for a long time. I can determine someone's dick potential even when they started off nice and if the signs are there, even when they are very slight, that person is muted. Now, things are made easier because my eyes can be spared from seeing the potential filth from the start! Bravo Blizzy, bravo! Riot Games, can you please follow suit because I would hate to leave your game behind forever since you are still the 2nd best MOBA around.

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