Thursday, May 21, 2015

Trap Master Enigma: Twilight of an Era

I finally received Enigma today, who is the last figurine I needed to complete the entire Trap Master roster of Skylanders: Trap Team for the PlayStation 4. Enigma is definitely one of the more striking figurines out there. I used to think that the lower half of his body being translucent was a bit gimmicky and lazy but one has to see this figurine in person to appreciate the desired effect. I also want to say that I am probably done with the Skylanders series because it did take a lot, both financially and emotionally, to fully explore and enjoy Swap Force and Trap Team. I don't know how people could keep on going if they started their Skylanders journey from the moment of its inception. The one thing that may convince me to get back into the series is if Vicarious Visions took over the helm again because Swap Force is leagues better than developer Toys for Bob's Trap Team in terms of gameplay design and graphical presentation. In the meantime however, I should get all my Skylanders to max level to justify all the sacrifices I have made to get them in the first place.

The magical, mystical Enigma.

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