Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Skylanders: Kaos Theory

I have been waiting so patiently to get myself a Kaos Trap for Skylanders: Trap Team on my PlayStation 4 and today, I was finally able to find it at its suggested retail price. You see, this unique trap that can be used to capture the game's main villain is still very hard to find at the retail stores and it is being sold at outrageous prices on the Internet. Now that I have the trap, the unfortunate thing here is that I have to replay the game all over again because after I finished the game once through the normal difficulty setting, I deleted that file to start playing the Nightmare difficulty. Unlike how it was handled in Skylanders: Swap Force, one cannot use the same save file to tackle the highest difficulty setting and since I hate redundancy, I decided to just stick with one save file and now I am regretting that decision - If I still have the save file I deleted, I could just revisit the final stage and capture Kaos easily. Playing though the Nightmare difficulty is a pain in the butt however because the developer used the lazy approach to presenting a challenging time for the players where all they did was increase the amount of damage a single enemy hit can do to your Skylanders. Still, I think I am going to stick with playing the game on Nightmare instead of creating a new save file and play the game again from the very beginning on normal.

Soon, you will be mine Kaos! All mine!

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