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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Skylanders Killed My Steam Games

I have been getting too many Skylanders figurines of late that I don't even have extra cash available for the games I wanted from Steam. The good news here is that I am almost finish with my Trap Team ensemble - and can you believe that I am only one figurine away from completing the Swap Force character list? Yes, perhaps this is getting out of hand. Last night, the husband asked me how many Skylanders figurines I have and when I told him, he was like "Wow, you have spent that much on those dolls?" He may be right. I think that this may be the last time I ever participate in a Skylanders game. The next one has to be really really really interesting to have me invested again because I think I am ready to retire when it comes to this series just so that I can spend my money on other games. Oh, I have 3 more of them coming today too. Galaxy help me.

Can you spot the new additions?

My latest Trap Masters look mighty awesome.

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