Thursday, April 30, 2015

Today's Featured Induction: The Mission

I was just sitting here in my Game Room, reflecting upon my ever continuous journey into my video gaming obsession, realizing that I have inducted so many into my Game Library thus I wondered if every day is an anniversary date for what I have accumulated. I do my best to note the date of inductions for all of my video games though I believe about 10% of that data was lost due to some file corruption on the document I used to store the information in. Even with that situation at hand, I am going to begin a daily entry, when available, starting soon that showcases game anniversaries as a way to revisit and cherish the happy memories of their induction process. Perhaps, I can contemplate the games' impact on my past and current gaming situations. This should be an interesting endeavor and I wonder if every single day would bring about another game into the fray? If there are multiple games for a given date, I will choose only one to be featured and save those others for their next anniversary dates in the future.

Induction explosion.

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