Thursday, June 19, 2014

GOG Galaxy: Full of Contradictions

Ah, A great place to find decrepit, rare old games that are still not available on Steam. I have bought a number of games from them but if I have the choice, I find getting games on Steam is a lot more satisfying.'s main selling point for a lot of people is their "DRM-free" cry. Once you buy a game, you can then supposedly own it forever without any limits when the fact remains that if you don't have Internet connection, you can't re-download the games if you ever lose them. It's not like they are going to send you a physical copy of the game if you contact them when you don't have Internet access anymore, so it's all an illusion. It looks like is getting sick and tired of being just a website that sells games and now, they want to release a client you can install on your computer to manage your games. You can check out their vision for this new "Galaxy" client by clicking here where they continue to preach about real ownership and how the client is going to be totally optional. This move is not really smart. Because you know, since the client itself will provide benefits like online connectivity with friends and achievements, it would be silly not to use it. Notice how they teased their audience in that Galaxy video they posted that you can share the achievements you have unlocked, but oops yeah it's optional when they know that achievement whores would be dying to brag about them so they have to install the client! So in a sense, wants to be more like Steam or Origin but is of course being very wishy-washy about it and as if their motive was not transparent enough, they had to try to justify it to their core paranoid no-DRM only customers. If they really want to be the premier DRM-free online digital distributor of games, they should just stick to the website. Why would they cause more complications by adding yet another client for people to download? They can keep saying that it's "optional" but when there are benefits to using the thing, is it really truly optional? What a strange, silly move by

Achievements over the complete freedom from another gaming client?

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