Thursday, January 17, 2008

Loner Gamer 101: Dilemma or Dementia?

I call myself the "Loner Gamer".

Yes, the video gaming world can be such a lonely place at times. When writing about this loneliness, I am not referring to the inability to make friends online when playing multiplayer games... No, the loneliness here is deeper than that. The best way to describe is to talk about humanity itself. We share this world with many other people around us. We interact with them. These individuals are our family members, our close friends, our lovers, as well as random strangers. At the end of it all, these social experiences are funneled through our own individual perception of the world. Everyone strives to be an individual within the construct of our social millieu. Now apply that situation to video gaming. The identity that I have created here is a symbol of my individualistic tendencies and through my writings, I would like to share that experience from the view of one gamer who is trying to make sense of this unique reality. In the context of video gaming, I simply exist to experience its offerings but as you will soon learn, this existence is not necessarily a carefree one.

Because of my burning passion for video games, I am not partial to one particular console. As a matter of fact, I play games from any and all systems. I have all of the next generation systems - the PS3Wii60 - and I despise those who play games for the consoles. Why? Well, because it is gamism, a video gaming form of racism. If you scour any video game forum on the internet, you will always find one of these gamist bastards making their futile, ignorant little comments about the systems they do not have. Do I smell jealousy? Now someone had pointed out to me before that not everyone who only owns one system is a gamist and yes I do agree with that notion. The rule is simple - if you start making negative comments about the games on another system just because it is not on a system you own, you are a gamist. And it is wrong to be one. You should realize at that point that 1) you desperately need to purchase the system you are so envious of, or 2) you don't enjoy video games because you are justifying to yourself that you do not deserve to play the awesome games available on another system. Losers.

Being a poly-gamist, I am overwhelmingly buried by too many games! Before I move on with discussing this pretty distressing state of being, let me explain to you how I play my video games. I use what I call the "Library System". When I am convinced that I wanted to experience a particular game, I would purchase it to be a part of my library. I always try out the new games I picked up just too make sure that they are not damaged but I do not focused on them solely unless they are that engrossing and I keep coming back for more. I only play a certain game when I am really in the mood to play that particular game. For example, after a long day, I just wanted to play a fast-pace game with quick rewards so I may pick up Street Fighter Alpha 3 or Ikaruga because you could experience the beginning, middle, and end of those games in one quick play session. Now it is this kind of video gaming habit that gets me into the "too many games" trouble.

Many of you are probably thinking to yourselves - What the heck is wrong with Mr. Loner Gamer? I would be in heaven if I have that many games! Well, you see... Sometimes after I preview a game, I would be so distracted with my newer ones that the previewed game may not be played again until later and since I don't stop picking up new games, I have been falling behind in finishing up many of them. Recently, this actually happened to the great Super Mario Galaxy. While playing that delicious game, I picked up Mass Effect. The latter was so good that I played it until the end but now, I need to find some time to play the pot-bellied plumber again. I have been so distracted by World of Warcraft, the evil anti-game that will be an article discussion in itself, and it is so hard to fly around Mario's galaxy once again. Before your brain gets there let me clarify this situation: I am a video gamer who is also a collector not to be confused with a collector who is also a video gamer. My still incomplete count of the content of my video gaming library is 1,429 games. Plus, this doesn't even include the many, many games I have played on the NES and Sega Genesis that I no longer own. And yes, I have finished the majority of these games and it is just recently that I have come to some weird saturation point of my time management.

There are just so many good games and so little time to play them! I have made the commitment to go as far back as needed and find the games that have been lost in the shuffles and experience what they have to offer in their entireties. I will then share that experience here as well. To conclude this foray into the basics of my universe, here are some pictures of my video gaming space. 2008 is going to be another great year for experiencing the complexities of this obsession, whether I am in dilemma or dementia.

Drawers packed with Nintendo Advance and Nintendo DS games!

Well guarded PC games.

I also have an I-Fish.

I wasn't kidding when I said I have a lot of games.

This is where the action takes place.
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Christopher S said...

Dear Loner Gamer,

First off, kudos to you for the extensive collection. I'm very envious. Seriously.

Question though; how in the heck do you have that much time to play!? Living with parents? You're an inventor who made millions? You sacrifice eating and the necessity for food?

I'm more than intrigued - I'm jealous!! lol

No problems if the answer is personal. Just wondering anyways :P

Loner Gamer said...

Thanks Christopher, and no, I don't that much time time to play my games unfortunately.