Friday, March 10, 2017

Always Back That Thing Up

Yesterday's release of update 4.50 for the PlayStation 4 brought with it the console's ability to support external hard drive for game installation among other things. It's a feature that should have been there to begin with but we know Mark Cerny has never been that bright. Still, I was very excited to finally be able to install all of my games into my console with a 2TB external hard drive enclosure with plenty of available space to spare. I don't think my PS4 collection will ever grow to anything significant in number, an alarming evident that everything I need gaming wise is being fulfilled by Personal Computer gaming, so I should have enough space to last the system's lifetime, which I am sure is pretty close to an end if the PS4 Pro is any indication - I am hating the fact that developers are now intentionally gimping playing their games on the original system instead of optimizing the crap out of them. Thank you Guerrilla Games for not doing that with their recently released Horizon: Zero Dawn, showing the other devs of their utter incompetence and partiality. The only thing that should be improved when you are playing PS4 games on the Pro would be the addition of 4K-related features because the original PS4 is certainly capable of more than most of these developers are willing to do with it these days. Speaking of the original PS4, it's annoying that the console doesn't have USB connectivity in the back because the HDD has to be connected to the front of the system:

Why did they stick that tube into grandpa?

Plugging the USB cable to the front of the system made it look like it is on life support. A rather disturbing thought if you ask me.

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