Thursday, September 3, 2015

New PC Hero: Degica

There is a new hero in the realm  of Personal Computer game publishing and its name is Degica/DegiGames. These guys have released plenty of Japanese games on Steam, most notably, at least for me, the Steam release of shmups Crimson Clover WORLD IGNITION and just several months ago, XIIZEAL. Well, they are propelling their already glowing, positive reputation into mega platinum legendary status when they recently announced that they are bringing Eschatos to Steam this month and more importantly, that they will be publishing Cave shmups on Steam later this year!

I am stunned. Winter 2015 is just around the corner.

A lot of Cave shmups – I own quite a number for my X-Box 360 – struggled to find a domestic release but thankfully, they are sometimes region-free thus capable of being played on North American consoles. How these guys managed to get these Cave shmups to be released on Steam is nothing short of a miracle since these games have never found their way into the PC platform. Sure, we don’t know which titles are getting released yet – those clusters of pink bullets look suspiciously Mushihimesama - but you know that once any of them is being sold on Steam, it should be easy for the rest to follow suit. What these guys have done here is a monumental contribution to Steam and the PC gaming community as a whole and I sure hope that this will ensure that any and all Japanese shmups – past, present, and future - will eventually arrive on Steam. Thank you Degica/DegiGames! You are a true PC hero!

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