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Tuesday, July 2, 2019

1 Down, 5000+ to Go?

Well, this is surely a landmark event for my current state of gaming life - the state that celebrates my obsession with playing fast-paced, fast result games reminiscent of the early gaming era while pushing aside the one playthrough, long build-up style of game design that is so popular these days. It is funny however that quick payout games are making a resurgence with the battle royale and autochess genres dominating the gaming sphere but it's safe to say that the grandiose story heavy, progression heavy single playthrough games are still the mainstay in today's gaming market if the hype surrounding Cyberpunk 2077 is any indication. So what is the landmark event you ask? Well, I have reached the end of Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc via Steam last night! This is all thanks to my recent commitment to focus on "completing" games instead of jumping around between them like a bunny, resulting in all of them being eventually abandoned. I don't even remember the last game that I fully completed... wait, maybe I do, I think it was Final Fantasy XIII several years ago.

Yup, that's an end credit!

As for the game itself, DTHH is a very interesting visual novel that halfway-through seems to have lost its strong, impactful initial direction. It's a copycat of the Phoenix Wright games but Capcom's popular detective visual novel series is truly superior in comparison. The tonal shift towards the climax is definitely rushed and nonsensical though thankfully, the ending is satisfactory enough. I am sure that the old me would have just abandoned this game when the shift happened but not this new version of yours truly! The game took 46 hours in total for my first playthrough and it looks like the hours can be extended even further for completionists. I am however going to skip these extra flourishes because I have so many games to get to! So, I don't know, maybe when I'm in my 60s I can come back to this game and complete all the student report cards and unlock all the monomono presents after I have fully visited all the other games in my absolutely huge, uncomfortably bloated Game Library?

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