Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Caught me Some Yokai

I don't think I ever mentioned that I got myself the New Nintendo 3DS XL in February of this year - I really like the stable 3D though the second stick sucks - and ever since I had it, I have never taken it out of the house. I own one of those carry pouches for the original 3DS that is of course too small for my new XL. I really miss accumulating play coins, collecting miis, and playing the Mii plaza games so I started looking for a nice case for my newer system. Since the New Nintendo 3DS XL is already pretty bulky, I opted for a different carry solution instead. I decided to get a Hori Duraflexi Protector:

A clear, translucent option is available but that's kinda boring, no?

I want to be able to just slip my system into my pants pocket but I want it to be protected from potential bumps and bruises. The duraflexi covering is rather thick but covers almost the entirety of the system except for the top part. I wish they would have included some kind of shoulder caps to protect the shoulder buttons but having this protector on my system makes me comfortable enough to finally carry it around outside the safety of my Game Room. The system definitely feels more sturdy with the protector on and the smooth, thick surface feels good in my hands. There is no reason for you to just be turned off and sit around anymore my New Nintendo 3DS XL... It's time to introduce you to the world!

The system is now ready to accompany me on my Target runs.