Sunday, November 13, 2016

Causing Kaos in the Game Room

I am doing my best to try to avoid getting into Skylanders: Imaginators that was released on multiple platforms recently. This is because of two things: A) I prefer the Vicarious Visions versions of the franchise versus instead of those made by Toys for Bob, and B) Committing to any Skylanders game may easily lead to financial ruins. Unfortunately for me, I stumbled into... the Kaos figurine. I couldn't belileve it. Kaos. Sure, you can trap the poor guy in Trap Team but this is the fully realized physical representation of Kaos. I couldn't stop myself. I just had to get him, I couldn't say no, and he's quite beautiful.

A Kaos figurine. Toys for Bob is evil.

I am very impressed that the new figurines come in their own special, very collectible boxes. Though I do keep the cardboard backing from previous Skylanders figurines, I don't keep their plastic encasing. This new way of presenting these Skylanders to us is both fascinating - the box truly look spectacular - and horrifying - it's going to be very difficult to find space to place all these boxes if this is going to be the new packaging standard for the series. My plan here is to only just have the Kaos figurine from Imaginators so that I can use him when the next Skylanders installment from Vicarious Visions come out. We will see if I am able to stay strong in that conviction.

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