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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

It's Time to Liquify These Assets

I have been telling myself on and off for about a year that I needed to get back into some sort of a healthy routine. My husband is telling me otherwise but I feel like I am living my life lately at my heaviest weight.  The most I have done last year was walking on the treadmill while watching ARAM matches in League of Legends but that didn't last very long. With exercising however, I have learned that it's not what you do, it's all about consistency so you know that I have been slacking off since the whole treadmill thing was actually quite easy to get into.

I do still plan on getting back to Yourself!Fitness, the fact that it was the only exercise routine that has worked for me but I am going to start with something that is easier to do - dieting. Sure it's better to combine that with physical activities for a winning combo but I know for sure that I do eat a lot and I should tackle that obstacle first. I remember a long time ago when I stopped drinking soda altogether and after several weeks, I lost about 5 pounds. So dietary changes can be pretty effective. I have tried to watch what I eat but you know when the dishes prepared by the husband just happened to be very delicious, well, of course I would get myself a second helping. So yes, a harsh, dramatic diet is what I need to shed off some of these pounds and I have decided on... the liquid diet. For the next couple of weeks, I will be consuming nothing but... water and fruit shakes. No, not the delicious strawberry milkshake variety from McDonald's but these are the ones made with protein powder and actual fruits. My husband has gone through this diet earlier last year and lost 20+ pounds from it so I think I will be happy if I could lose like maybe at least 10 from this? We started this liquid diet yesterday but the husband got weak mid-day through and ate some sausage lunch with his buddies at work while I had to drink the strawberry shake I made - sure it was not sweet but it was tasty enough and strangely, filling. So we ended up eating regular dinner last night. Well, it's a new day today and hopefully things will be better from this point forward. Wish me luck! I look forward to that thinner, healthier me in a couple of weeks!

Some fruit concentrate for breakfast.
Yes, even Vault Boy thought it looked toxic...

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