Monday, November 16, 2015

NIS, Welcome to Steam!

I am still waiting for that day when Nintendo begins to sell their games on Steam but smarter developers have brought a lot of their previously console-only endeavors to the Personal Computer platform via Steam. I am already very happy to learn recently that the Sony-published Helldivers is actually coming to Steam next month, proving to the naysayers that just because a game is published by Sony, it doesn't mean that it can't make it out of the PlayStation platforms. Even this Steam version is being published... by Sony themselves under their PlayStation Mobile Inc. division, very clever! The latest in the strings on Steam console game acquisitions involves none other than a game from the popular tactical RPG developer Nippon Ichi Software. They will be releasing their first Disgaea game on Steam entitled Disgaea PC in February of 2016. Sure, it's not the latest title in the series but the most exciting thing about this release is the fact that this signals the developer's interest in releasing their titles on the PC. So, Nintendo, why screw around with the NX? Why not turn it into a Steam Machine product and sell on Steam already? Don't you know how much money you can make from selling just one old Pok√©mon game there?

Fully Steampowered too with achievements, trading cards, etc. Thanks NIS!

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