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Monday, October 5, 2015

How Do You PS4?

Ever since it landed on my Game Room in late 2013, my PlayStation 4 console had been positioned horizontally below my big screen display. You really can't appreciate that unique slope of its design - still can't compete with the way the original PlayStation 3 looked however - when placed horizontally so I have decided to move things around to give the console more room to showcase itself. Even when stood vertically, the console still didn't look interesting whatsoever when you view it straight ahead. Thus I turned the console at about 45 degree angle so that the glossy, reflective hard drive compartment is completely visible and voila, now the console looks present in my Game Room. I hardly ever use my PS4 but at least now it is giving me some visual stimuli.

Adding this Galahad figurine helped in perfecting the setup.

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