Wednesday, August 6, 2014

PS4 Share Button: The Delay Factor

It has always been easy to take screenshots of games on the Personal Computer - the Prt Scr is our best friend - but it used to be difficult for the consoles. This is why I love the idea behind the Share button on the PlayStation 4 controller. With it, I was able to screenshot great moments such as these:

Bros for life.

Bro, I want your life.

But the problem is, unless you are very lucky or that the image you wanted to capture happens to stay on the screen for a good amount of time, I have found myself with the following screenshots:

Hey, that is definitely not the screenshot that I wanted to take...

Consecutive attempts will result in that screenshot icon on the top right being captured.

The problem with the screenshot function of the Share button is, even when set to a single press to capture the screenshots, there is a delay between pressing the button and when the snap happens. So unless you are psychic or the scene is still, it is near impossible to capture something at the heat of the moment, which is really unfortunate. I definitely take a lot more unintentional screenshots than the ones I was aiming for and deleting them off the PS4 is a chore. One may argue that it's probably better to just video capture everything but I am more interested in screenshots and I do the same while playing my PC games. There must be something that Sony can do about this.

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