Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Point to Pathos: Chapter 4, Part 3

     Clickety-clack. They used to call him clickety-clack. Clac really hated being called that.
     "No, it doesn't end with rk, it ends with a c," he explained to Molly on their first date. "But it's pronounced similarly."
     "You're kidding, it's spelled c-l-a-c?" She asked.
     "That's uh..." She started blushing. "I always thought that maybe you were one of those people who couldn't pronounce r you know... But that's actually kinda hot."
     He smiled and he leaned over to kiss her. They were lying on the grass in his family backyard under the cover of a starless night. It was rather dark and he stumbled a bit trying to find her lips, sliding his against both her right eye and nose before landing on the proper destination. She was giggling the whole time.
     "You think your parents are watching us?" She asked.
     "I doubt it. Well, maybe my mom."
     "Oh yuck!"
     "I'm just kidding. I think they left soon after you arrived."
     "How do you know that?"
     "You see that room on the second floor to our left?" He said, motioning his head backwards.
     "I can barely see it. It's really dark out here."
     "Exactly. They would never turn the light off in that room this early in the evening unless they are not in the house."
     "So... We have the place to ourselves."
     "How convenient," she concurred.