Friday, April 1, 2016

Has Been Husband

It's easy to see it's tradition,
it's easy for my own conviction
for I try to be just myself
but who am I? I am just like them.
It's easy to feel important, it is,
it's easy to fall onto something comfortable
for I try to be out of the ordinary
but who am I, who am I really?
Fooled once, fooled twice,
I was then fooled for the third time,
soulmates are supposed to be great,
supposed to survive everything,
love is true they say it isn't
just getting used to each other
yet it's easy to forget
that I am just alone
until reminded of what is now gone
but it's easy to rebuild
how could he mean what he said?
It has been a while
I'm a husband,
my mind hasn't been this wild,
to realize only
I'm a husband,
it has been a while
so he must have meant what he said,
it's easy to see it's tradition
my hands tied behind me in constriction
for I have not been myself
but molded to be just like them.
It's too easy to feel important, it is.

Loner Gamer Alex

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