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Monday, December 15, 2014

Point to Pathos: Chapter 3, Part 6

     "Drunk?" Praeston asked. "You know it's not such a horrible thing."
     "It's one of those Earth-origin thing that I just don't understand," Eon responded.
     "Spare me the details, Eon," Praeston said, rolling up his eyes and finishing up his drink.
     "Are you there yet?" Eon said teasingly and gave Praeston a nudge.
     "It doesn't work like that you know," Praeston said, beckoning the bartender to give him another round. "You do have to drink a lot of it."
     "You are on your way then?"
     "I don't plan on getting drunk this resto, mister."
     Praeston turned his head briefly to look at Shirey who was still performing Free Human on stage.
     "Beautiful song isn't it?" Eon asked.
     "Well, it used to be a beautiful song. I don't like what she did with it though."
     "I know what you mean," Eon said with a smile. "The original has that sense of... I don't know, like real struggle and desperation?"
     "I agree. This rendition just sounds desperate," Praeston took a quick sip from the fresh glass of Ateran that was just brought over to him. "So what was that all about with the non-complier thing she was babbling about? It really surprised me."
     "Oh you haven't read that guy's personal logs? Shit's bad up there."
     "Well, bad or not, that's just the way it is. Those guys got to take on the fight themselves and change things for the better instead of running away from it."
     "Well, it's not my battle to fight. I wouldn't say what you just said."
     "Let me guess. Another sympathizer in the L.U.P.?"
     Eon chuckled.
     "That is not funny you know."
     "I'll hazard a guess... You work for the administration, don't you?"
     "Yes. Engineering division if you must know. And you didn't answer my question."
     "Well, that's 'cuz there's no such thing as black and white Praeston. You ever heard of the gray area?"
     "The only gray area I see around here is that fake gray streak you have going on in you hair."
     "Hahaha, my girl thought I look good like this," Eon said and gave out a cheesy smile. He then slowly ran the fingers on his right hand through his hair. "She said it made me look like Zackaray a little bit."
     "The resemblance is... uncanny," Praeston said sarcastically. "And you are a sympathizer."
     "Maybe I am," Eon said while shifting his gaze towards the performance stage  quickly before looking at Praeston again. "All I am saying is that the place you were born shouldn't dictate the place you should stay."
     "That worked on Earth. But it doesn't work on a Staroam. All of us know this."
     "To think that humanity had worked so hard to finally get things right only to let it all go in the end."
     "Remember Eon, extinction wasn't on the agenda back then."
     "That guy they just captured was trying to avoid his own personal extinction."
     "That is a bit of a stretch Eon," Praeston said and took another sip of his Ateran.
     The woman in the red dress whom Praeston saw earlier suddenly showed up behind Eon. Apparently, he guessed the right girl from the crowd.
     "Hey baby, who's your friend?" Isza gave Eon a tight hug and kissed him on his right cheek.
     "Iszy, this is Praeston. Praeston, Isza."
     "Nice to meet you, Isza," Praeston stood up and gave her a handshake.
     "Are you his co-worker?"
     "Oh no, I am just another unlucky guy who got dragged into the club tonight," Praeston said, laughing. "That was how we bonded."
     "Ah," Isza said and turned to look at Eon. "Unlucky huh? Thought you said you liked Shirey."
     "Of course I do baby," Eon said and gave her a kiss on the lips. "You know I do. I'm having a good time."
     "Yeah, whatever," she said and slowly walked towards the seat to Eon's left.
     "Sorry," Praeston whispered quickly to Eon who immediately raised his right hand to signal to Praeston that it was all okay.
     "So what we were guys talking about? Looked like a really serious conversation."
     "Politics," Eon said and gave Isza another kiss.
     "Who talks about shit like that in a dance club?"
     "It was me, I just had to bring it up," Praeston responded immediately.
     "Oh, is this because of what Shirey said?" Isza's eyes lit up. "Isn't it cool that she cares about everyone on Staroam-5?"
     "Shirey is a revolutionary baby," Eon said agreeably. Praeston looked to his right and rolled up his eyes. He caught the bartender looking at him, smiling.
     "And you don't agree with this Mr. Praeston?" Isza asked.
     "I don't," Praeston said. "But please, enough about politics. How did you guys meet each other?"

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