Saturday, August 16, 2014

Point to Pathos: Chapter 3, Part 4

     Jupiter never had the chance to be acquainted with Clac's father. He passed away soon after the departure of Staroam-5. Clac mentioned it being the first funeral for the sector. He also mentioned that he didn't feel anything during his father's incineration gathering.
     "Well if it brings out some bad memories, forget what I said about drinking it together."
     "No, it's alright. We'll turn it into something worth remembering."

     "Romance. MM."
     Praeston quietly browsed the first couple of selections that the visor pulled up for him.
     "Favorites," he commanded and he stared at the familiar line up for a little while before removing the visor off his face and placing it into the wall compartment to the right side of his bed.
     An electronic chime played and the communicator announced that it was Pennepoe.
     "Answer. Hello Penn."
     "Don't tell me you were asleep, Praeston," Pennepoe said in her usual playful tone. "It's not like you do any physical labor at work."
     "What made you say that?" Praeston sat himself up on the side of the bed.
     "You sound tired. Or maybe you're just depressed... Again?"
     "Very funny. What's going on?"
     "Was wondering if you would like to meet up at the L.U.P."
     "I don't know Penn, I am indeed tired," he said and yawned. "Besides, it's probably a bad idea to be out there with a non-complier roaming about."
     "What is he going to do? Convert you into his religion?" She laughed. "You know he's out there because he's trying to run away from that shit. Come on, we haven't been there in a long time and Shirey is performing."
     "I am not a Shirey fan, Penn. You are."
   "Yeah, but I won't be able to enjoy it by myself if my best friend isn't around. C'mon, it'll be fun, I promise."
     The last time Pennepoe promised Praeston a good time was when she organized a commitment party for their friend Beake. Praeston didn't find the overwhelming focus on female nudists all too appealing.
     "I don't know, Shirey always attracts the female crowd, Penn."
     "Who cares about the crowd. I just want to have a good time."
     "Yeah, you'll have a good time alright, pick of the litter."
     "It's never too late to switch sides, Praeston," she said and laughed.
     "Ha, ha. Very funny. I am going now."
     "Hey, you know that I'm just kidding right?-"
     "End call," he commanded and laid his body back on the bed.
     Praeston closed his eyes and he started thinking about the conversation he had with Jupiter earlier. He was glad that it happened because he knew that he needed to keep things in check.
     "I am just way too horny," he muttered to himself and laughed.
     Praeston hadn't slept with anyone ever since he broke off with Mrey, a registration clerk for the capitol office of The Four Thrusters in what was a fiery passionate yet short-spanned relationship. He remembered mocking his father's cautionary statistics because of how seemingly easy it was for him to find love in Staroam-5. It also didn't take too long for his father to find his own companion.
     "I wonder what dad's doing."
     But Praeston knew better. The image of his father rolling around in bed with Maet came immediately into view and it was a difficult one to process because of his own attraction to the latter. Maet was slightly older than Praeston and was definitely a lot younger than his father. Of course Praeston was happy for his father but he knew that his feelings for Maet was undeniable.
     "Call dad," he commanded and after a brief electronic beep bop interlude, a familiar deep, husky voice answered on the other end.
     "Praeston, hi."
     It was Maet.
     "Hey... Maet. Is dad home?"
     "He's here. But he's already asleep. You want him to call you back?"
     "No, it's okay. Just checking up on him."
     "Ah, alright. Well, enjoy the resto then."
     "Thanks Maet. You too. End call."
     Suddenly, the wall display from his living room chimed and he could see it flashing through his bedroom door that he would always leave slightly open. He rushed out of the bedroom and commanded it on.
     Clara Khas from QT News was on the screen. Praeston immediately recognized the building she was standing in front of. It was one of the manufacturing factories located not too far away from the Engineering Consulate Centre.
     "This is Clara Khas, QT News," and she gave the camera the expected subtle smile before proceeding. "Great news! The citizens of The Four Thrusters can resto easy now that another non-complier threat has been neutralized, all thanks to the tireless efforts of our local law enforcement team."
     "That was fast," Praeston said as he grabbed himself a glass of water from the adjoining kitchen area. "Took them too long for the other theist fuck-faces."

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