Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Point to Pathos - Chapter 1, Part 5

     Clac and Jupiter soon arrived at Second Taste, their favorite restaurant at the Gathering Grid. The place was lively but the couple never had a problem getting seated rather quickly so they were able to get a table as soon as they arrived. Second Taste was very famous for its walled booths that offered a very private dining experience. One could never get to see the patrons eating when one step into the restaurant except for its very long, slightly narrow hallway between the translucent, but not transparent, white walls and floor.

     "How are you guys liking all those flowers out there?" Asked Seilee, the young maĆ®tre d' whom the couple considered to be a close friend, as she led them to their booth. "Quite lavish are they not? Especially the ones on the exhibition wall."

     "Yeah, they are very beautiful. Took some visions earlier," Jupiter said. "And guess what happened?"

     "Oh boy," Clac uttered, smiling nervously.

     "We ran into Clac's old girlfriend," Jupiter said before sticking her tongue out towards Clac.

     "Oh no," Seilee said, amused. "Hope nothing bad happened?"

     "Of course not because I was there," Jupiter laughed. "I guess I have to keep a closer watch on him from now on. I think she still has a crush on my man."

     "So what do you have to say for yourself, Mr. Haan?" Asked Seilee. "You have been very, very quiet."

     "Well you know that Jue is the jealous type," Clac responded calmly. "Remember that she thought that I was flirting with you the first time we ate here."

     Both Clac and Seilee laughed while Jupiter gave them an annoyed look before pinching Clac right on his left ribs. Clac yelled out an "Ouch!" before laughing alongside the two women.

     "Well, here we are," Seilee entered the door code and it swung open slowly. "Your server today is going to be Machang. Just touch the monitor when you guys are ready."

     The couple stepped into the room which contained a set of dining booths placed between a crystalline table that was attached to the wall. These were positioned about five feet away from the entrance.

     "You both enjoy your food," Seilee said with a smile. "I'm closing the door."

     "Thanks Seilee," said Jupiter and as she was about to sit herself down, the familiar humming sound of the door closing was suddenly cut short. She looked at the entrance and saw that Clac was still standing next to it, waiting for the door to completely close so that he could plug in the privacy code. Seilee's head suddenly poked in between the opening.

     "Hey guys, sorry but I'm not sure if you heard - there's another non-complier from the Botanical Spheres," Seilee whispered. "He got into the flower delivery crates somehow but they still couldn't find him."

     "We haven't checked the reports today, thanks Seilee," said Clac.

     "Very troubling... Thanks Seilee," Jupiter said and Seilee nodded her head before fully closing the door. Clac then entered the privacy code before sitting himself down.

     "All of a sudden I don't feel like eating," Clac said as he looked down at the table. Jupiter quickly reached her hands out, almost knocking down the water glass to her side, and held Clac's face gently. Clac looked up and stared deep into her eyes before letting out a defeated sigh.

     "Sorry baby. That should never ruin our time together," he said and he then bent his body forward and gave Jupiter a kiss. "I love you, baby."

     "I love you too, Clac," she said as their lips were slowly separating.

     Clac silently pulled himself back into his chair and a brief moment later, he tapped the small service monitor placed on the wall next to the table while still staring at his lover with a smile on his face. The screen gave a little flicker before turning itself on, revealing the face of their server, Machang, who had been eagerly awaiting their orders from the other side of the wall.

     "A pleasure to be serving you today, Mr. Haan... Ms. Jennings. Are we ready to start?"

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