Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Point to Pathos - Chapter 1, Part 4

     The woman held the memory pad up for a moment and then started walking towards Clac and Jupiter to hand it back to them. She suddenly gave Clac a strange look that soon turned into an ecstatic smile.

     "Is that you, Clac?" The woman asked excitedly as she gently placed the memory pad onto Clac's extended right palm. "I really didn't expect to see you again."

     "I beg your pardon?" Clac said, confused. "Do I know you?" He turned to Jupiter for a quick second and he noticed that she was looking back at him with a mild sense of amusement.

     "Well, silly me. I shouldn't have expected you to remember... but it's me, Molly!"

     "Holy moly... Molly?!" Clac squinted his eyes as he tried to find the visual similarities between the person who was standing in front of him and the person he knew from the past. He remembered the clear blue eyes and and the dimples. "But how?"

     "Last minute draft. Apparently they forgot to send the g-mail to my family until like several days before boarding," Molly explained. "Crazy huh?"

     "For sure..." Clac said agreeably. "Oh by the way this is Jupiter. Jue, Molly. We, uh... We used to go to school together."

     "Hi Molly," Jupiter said and she gave Molly a little wave. "It's very nice to meet you."

     "Are you two registered?" Molly asked unabashedly. Jupiter was so taken aback by the question that she could only muster a quick nervous laugh before turning to Clac who was blushing.

     "Y-yeah, we are," Clac answered quickly. "So I take it that you are not assigned to 4T? Where did your family ended up being transferred to?"

     "Oh we live here actually. Block T3 - make sure to remember that. I am listed under the Cylinder Construction division" she replied. "I do quality control for the pipes. What about you?"

     "That's great. I do engineering work at the Circuitry City. But hey, we got to run - Jue and I are on our way to dinner," said Clac. "Maybe we can meet up again sometime."

     "That would be nice," said Molly, "You look great by the way. I almost didn't recognize you with that short hair." She then turned towards Jupiter. "Nice meeting you, Jupiter. Hope to see you again."

     "You take care, Molly," said Jupiter as she quickly grabbed Clac's right hand and gave it a little tug. "Let's go Clac," she said under her breath.

     "Bye Molly," Clac said as he walked away from Molly who gave him a little smile before she started walking away towards the opposite direction.

     "So what was that all about Clac?" Jupiter asked soon after. "An old girlfriend?"

     "We had a history... Let's leave it at that," he said and gave Jupiter a kiss on the cheek.

     "She certainly didn't waste any time trying to figure out her chances," Jupiter said. "Are you two registered? Are you kidding me? Who does that?"

     "Molly does, apparently," he said and laughed. "She has always been rather blunt."

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