Friday, May 6, 2011

Point to Pathos - Chapter 1, Part 3

     "Well, isn't that what it is?" Clac asked.

     "Actually, nobody else I know call it that. We normal people call it the resto," she said. "We all should be calling it night however."

     "That's Earth-talk. Make sure you stay away from that for sure," Clac advised, his tone suddenly sounding serious. "It's okay if it's just between you and me though, honey."

     "Oh I know. I have lived here as long as you have you know."

     "We are both smarter than most people... It's easy for us to accidentally step out of bounds sometimes," insisted Clac. "I just love you so much."

     "I work with open-minded people, Clac. Even if that slipped out, you really have nothing to worry about," she said reassuringly. "I just wish that you don't have to be stuck with field engineering though."

     "I suppose you are right. Well, we are here honey," Clac sounded a little more excited as they approached the roof entrance. They were lucky to be able to recharge the transporter close to the plaza entry point.

     "Perfect timing and we got the perfect spot!" Clac said as he turned off the transporter.

     They soon arrived at the food quarter after taking a quick elevator ride down. The place was bursting with people. Apparently, it was "Mother's Section" and the place was decorated with fresh exotic flowers - a rather costly expenditure considering the remote location of the thrusters-end from the botanical spheres.

     "Oh great. It's Mother's Section... Really?" Clac sighed.

     "You should be glad that you are now reminded of it. I know how your mom gets," Jupiter said, poking fun at the situation. "It looks like they are going all out for the celebration."

     "The funny things that our society still incorporates into our current communal setup. If someone really loves his or her mom, you would think that they would celebrate her existence every single cycle instead of waiting for a section dedicated for such a thing," Clac said. "Sorry, didn't mean to be so cold."

     "You said that on every Mother's Section, I am used to it," Jupiter said. "We don't get to see live flowers so often though so let's take some visions."

    Jupiter ran towards a wall close to them that had been completely draped in swirling vines of red and yellow flowers that neither one of them recognized. The large green leaves that hid the pale white wall had some interesting purplish stripes to them, emitting a strange but sweet smell into the air. Clac took out his memory pad from his pants pocket and held it up in front of his face as he followed Jupiter around who was gleefully striking some rather goofy poses in front of the lavish vegetation behind her.

     "Okay that's enough," Clac said but before he could put away his memory pad, Jupiter grabbed it from his hand and handed it to a woman who was slowly walking pass them.

     "Miss, do you mind?" Jupiter asked.

     "Oh, of course I don't," the stranger said as she gently took the pad with both of her hands, a gesture much appreciated by Clac who was very particular about his electronics.

     "Thanks, we really appreciate it," Jupiter said as she grabbed Clac's hands and pulled him towards her. Clac, not known for his public display of emotion, hesitantly stood to Jupiter's side and put his arm around her.

     "This is a new model. Is it voice activated?" The woman suddenly asked them. "Or is it this sensor here?"

     "Yes, it's the sensor," Clac answered. "I think it's already on, just hold it up for a moment if you could."

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